Who is Jackie Warner?

You may know Jackie Warner from her Work Out show on Bravo, or her business Sky Sport and Spa. Maybe you know her from Thintervention show that was also aired on Bravo? But we can only think of her as the tough as nails trainer to the stars, the fitness writer and all around kick ass girl.

When she sat down last year to speak with Time Magazines online Health Section she gave her very honest opinion on the American diet. “The food industry largely conspires to keep America fat. They want to feed us food that gets us fat and keeps us that way. If you follow what they tell you to do, you’ll gain weight. So it isn’t your fault. But once you have the tips, the tools and the information necessary to take control of your own life — take control of what you ingest — then it’s your fault if you knowingly ingest those things and stay fat.”

She went to say in this interview that “When I work with morbidly obese clients, I notice there is a similarity between them: they all skip meals. Skipping meals is the No. 1 cause of a slow metabolism. When your metabolism slows, your blood sugar drops and there’s a physiological change that occurs. Your insulin drops and your body goes into starvation mode — it purposefully learns to store fat more effectively.” This is a fact we try to preach continually to the MyFitClinic follower, starvation mode is a fat storage system and it can only hurt you when trying to lose the extra lb’s.

What was our favorite tip she gave the Time readers? “I also tell people to eat the good, the bad and the ugly. By that I mean, eat the good things on the plate, then the bad things, then the ugly. We usually go to bad and ugly first: the bread and the booze. You want to fill up on lean protein and vegetables. Drink a glass of water, wait a few minutes and then see how you feel and if you want to eat more.”

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